The Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association (AMHCA) is the representative body of the majority of Australian Miniature Hereford breeders.

It is a guide of good breeding standards protecting the consumer by having genuine breed standards. On page three you can see all miniature Herefords breed standards and regulations as per our association. Our members are in every State of Australia and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have, anybody interested in Miniature Hereford is most welcome to make a pre-arranged farm visit.

The Members page gives you a State-by-State option to talk to a Breeder near you, on the sale-page you can negotiate directly with the seller.

The Miniature Hereford trend was started by the Largent’s family in Texas USA at the Point of Rocks Ranch http://www.minihereford.com/and every Miniature Hereford has its origin from there. In Australia the breed was introduced in 1996 by Frank & Cait Crute, Gerry & Mariana Crute and Jay & Sandra Cunning through their company “Superior Stock Selection”. The importation of the first Bull, “Littlefoot Trooper” and five pre Yearling Heifers started the Australian Miniature Hereford Breeding Program. After this there were numerous importations of embryos. From there, it was “Happy breeding Australia”.

In early 1997 the above importers started the Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association to safe guard the breeding standards of the animals and give integrity and assurance to new owners and investors by establishing the 5 Generation Rule protecting the purity of the Miniature Standard!

A journey by a Miniature Hereford farmer

A few years back I was contemplating getting suitable livestock for our small farm. The animal had to be quiet due to my mobility problems, at the same time I wanted to derive some lifestyle contentment out of it. I studied hard and looked at Alpacas, small Dexter Cows, Lowline Cattle, Mini belted Galloway’s or any of the other small Miniature breeds.

One day a friend introduced me to Miniature Herefords, in an instant I was fascinated with their lovely white/red color, low stocky build, you really could see the potential for an alternative meat supply for myself and family. I was also aware this smaller cows would be easier on mother earth, today you call it being environmentally friendly. My darling wife and daughters where all for it. The 2 daughters of mine finished up being regulars in our State Royal Agricultural Shows and winning quite a few Ribbons.

Looking back on it, it was quite a journey, full of pleasure, fulfillment and financial reward’s and I am glad to have chosen Miniature Herefords.

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